Repair Process and Policies


Due to the extensive nature of the restoration process, providing an exact estimate of the total cost of the entire restoration project can’t be provided. We are happy to provide a “ballpark” figure as to

the cost of the project but this figure will likely vary once work commences.The customer must acknowledge they are waiving the right to a written estimate under Washington State Law (see RCW46).


Parts Policy

We do not offer returns, refunds or credits for labor incurred on customer supplied parts that do not fit. Should the customer request that the shop obtain the parts, the customer agrees to pay a markup of 25% and our hourly rate for administrative costs related to ordering parts, tracking, issuing payment to parts, vendors, etc.  In the event that the parts are directly shipped by the vendor to the shop, any freight charges, returns, damages or re-packing is the customers responsibility.


Replacement Parts

We determine which parts or materials are repaired or replaced unless advised otherwise by the customer.



Forms of Payment

We accept cash, check, all credit cards, bank wire or direct fund transfers. Please note all banking and credit card surcharges will be charged to the customer.



Scheduled Work

Scheduling is important to us as our backlog builds. Our work load is scheduled internally and we want to make sure this meets our quality and safety standards as it takes time. We want to be efficient in getting your project complete in a timely fashion and do not want this quality of work to be rushed.




We want to maintain a schedule and conserve space. If for any reason work is stopped due to unpaid invoices, delays from outside vendors, awaiting customer directives, or breach of contract, there will standard storage charges.



Time and Materials

Restoration charges will be billed on a “time and materials” basis. Time spent on projects will be kept by time log and provided to the customer along with a list of materials used. Invoices will also include a charge for body supplies which will include such items as body filler, putty, primer, cleaning solvents, abrasives, rags, etc. Paint and material charges will be billed and invoiced by amount poured, mixed and applied to your vehicle.



Additional Requests

For customer acknowledgement, any additional work can be added during the repair process and will be billed accordingly. All additional requests will be documented and reflected on your billing statement.

Billing and Clerical

Your billing statement will reflect a brief breakdown of work performed and hours accumulated. Any payment adjustments and prior balances will be reflected on your account. If payment due is not received within 15 days, our daily storage rate will be applied until payment is received and work is resumed.


Loss or Damage

We are not responsible for lost or damaged items in vehicle due to outside sources such as theft, fire, any other cause beyond our control, or for any delays caused by unavailability of parts shipped by supplier or transporter.



Ownership and Insurance

Vehicles must be insured during the rebuild process - this is important for your safety and ours.

We Have the Right to Refuse Service

We reserve the right to terminate repairs on your vehicle at any time at our discretion.

Authorization and Agreement Policy

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